How to buy

1. Please select the shoe category and directly choose the item you wish.

2. View the product that you are interested in. You will find varied photos in which you will see the front and side part and will be able to see the details through the magnifying glass. You will also be able to see the available sizes, reference, price, composition and care instructions.

3. You can see the size guide for reference.

4. Next, you will be able to choose to continue shopping or to process the order.

5. Once you have processed the order and not have not registered yet, you can do it at this point. It is a very fast process.

6. It ends the purchase and makes the payment with the option You choose.

7. Next, you will receive an e-mail or sms, confirming the order and the estimated time of delivery.

8. For changes, please contact us by e-mail

9. If your number is not in the size guide (special sizes), email us at and inform the price and delivery time

Buy Lords Shoes Online

We sure all safety standards regarding the processing of information you provide us. Your data will be safe at all times.

You can pay by debit/credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery (the cost of this service is chargeable to you) or using Paypal system.

As soon as the bank confirms your authenticity, we will charge the amount to your bank account or card, in otherwise, the order will be cancelled.

Your data is transferred safely (safe electronic commerce), when the bank confirms authenticity, the payment will be removed from the card. Otherwise, the order will be cancelled.

You will be able to track the order through the reference number printed on the delivery note, which you will receive by e-mail or sms, as soon as you make the final purchase.

The amount of the order and prices of items includes VAT.

If you want to know the amount of or the articles in your habitual coin for purchase, only you have to click on the symbol of coin that is on the top right part of the screen, under the flags (England or Spain)

For ordersdone inside the European Union or Great Britain, we will apply in local current IVA/VAT.

If your order is to a country that we recognize as "Delivered, Duty, Paid" (DDP), the amount of taxes already is included in the final price of the article.

If your purchase is done from a country that we recognize as “Delivered, Duty, Unpaid” (DDU), the price does not include the amount of taxes and VAT. In this case, you will have to pay the above mentioned amount and the local rates(taxes) close to the delivery: the payment of these rates is necessary to go through Customs. We cannot predict the value of the taxes or the customs rates of your country, because of this we invite to you to check them with your customs office before realizing your purchase.

Theorders or purchases done in the countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monaco, Canary Islands are " Delivered Duty Unpaid " (DDU)

You can consult any other doubt through our e-mail