Kanaka sandal for men. Vermilion

Ref. C003 Bermellón

Half-breed bovine leather in high quality, backstitches to tone.

  •          Vegetal tanning bovine lining
  •          Anatomic inner sole padded, leather lined
  •          Flexible and ultralight sole
  •          Colour: black mixed with vermilion garnet

Anatomic sandals for men, made in high quality leather free of chrome, versatile model with spacious frontal. Exclusive Lords model. Flexible inner sole, lined in anti-dampness bovine leather.

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    Kanaka sandal for men. Vermilion

    Kanaka sandal for men. Vermilion

    Sandals for men made by hand with high quality mestizo cowhide leather, heavy-tone stitching. For greater comfort, it includes a lining with cowhide beig and padded anatomical insole, lined with cowhide. The sole has been manufactured with natural polyurethane rubber
    Colors: black with vermilion tropic
    If you like fashion and new trends, you will love the Lords sandals.

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