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Low Fixed Selling Fee not a Percentage

No Sale No Fee Everyones a Winner

Honest information is what you want and expect from an Agent.
With Lords Spanish property gallery, you can expect to receive an incredible service along with friendly advice. Your best interests are at the heart of what we do, as the information we provide you plays a pivotal role in making a decision about your new property in Spain whether it will be for a home, holiday or investment.

On our resale properties in Spain we charge a fixed selling fee,which means the house price is lower, the house sells quicker and the buyer gets a better deal. With no sale, no fee, everyone is a winner.

We also have 1000s of properties on our sister website :

All our new build properties are selected and hand picked, dealing with only the highest quality and trusted builders. Here are a few properties from our wide range of New Builds. Click on the images below for more information or take a look in our New Build Section. Alternatively why not fill out our contact page and let us do the work and searching for you.



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